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As an Altus affiliate, GrindStone provides comprehensive business credit reports from leading credit reporting agencies, offering in-depth analytics and insights tailored to your business needs. Altus clients pay for only the reports they need with no annual subscription or minimums. With an intuitive portal to order and review reports, Altus empowers clients to make better business decisions through unparalleled levels of access and affordability.


Choose from a comprehensive list of credit report

solutions combining business, trade and public record

data from the industry standard in trade credit suppliers.

Gain insights from Altus credit experts on selecting

the right report, verifying accuracy and interpreting

it without the hassle of contacting credit suppliers’

customer service.

View, purchase, download, print and share reports

via Altus’ intuitive client portal, with crucial alerts

and updates delivered automatically during the

monitoring period.


Purchase the reports you need when you need them

with no sign-up charge, no subscriptions and no

minimum purchase requirements.

Grow your team and scale your business on your

own terms with no additional charges for new

account users, allowing for complete transparency

and control.

Create a payment structure that matches your business

goals with customizable pricing options and discounts,

including prepaid packages.


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