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…And GrindStone supports that. For the fifth straight year, GrindStone will be hosting a table to benefit educational opportunities for students who need it most in our community. Along with trivia, great food, and inspirational stories of successful students, we will be learning about Open Meadow’s new school and six school district partnership out in the Rockwood area. There is also an exciting capital campaign underway for a new facility being built alongside a new Boys & Girls Club facility on 165th & Stark.

Open Meadow’s new school is called: Open School

Open School is a college-prep program committed to the potential of kids who have fallen the furthest behind. Our students are confident, capable, and connected. They belong. They learn. They graduate, go to college, and pursue meaningful careers. We know they have it in them. All they need is an education that fits and teachers who believe in them. They find that with us. We know which kids are most likely to drop out of traditional schools. We find them. We surround them with what they need to graduate and get ahead – advocacy to be their best, equity to spark learning, and rigorous academics to succeed in the modern economy. It’s school reinvented.

Got Game 2015 invite

Learn more about Open Meadow here:

Keep Grindin’

-Josh Monda

President, GrindStone Collection Strategies, Inc.

Board Member, Open Meadow


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